Jean Tinguely (*1925-1991), Frigo Duchamp, 1960, 1.27 x 0.62 x 0.58m

Buster Keaton in One Week, a 1920 short
Parc de la Tête-d’Or : le vendeur de coco - Jules Sylvestre (1859-1936))
Parc thermal de Charbonnières-les-Bains, au début du XXe siècle : promenade à dromadaire - Sylvestre, Jules, 1859-1936
  Books say: She did this because. Life says: She did this. Books are where things are explained to you; life is where things aren’t. I’m not surprised some people prefer books.
Julian Barnes (via londonxbridge)

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Backstage at Versailles: Salle les princesses royales
Stanley R. Mickelsen Safeguard Complex
Today, the Collection needs urgent help, due to sub-par storage conditions, and limited accessibility for the users it is designed to serve. It needs a redesigned home, professional archival standards, and the infrastructure to welcome a broader public, so this heritage is preserved and shared. (via OPEN DOORS: The Cinémathèque de Tanger Film Collection | Cinémathèque De tanger | Morocco)
Roger Nuuk
Go West, Buster Keaton (1925)
OmniPhantasmic by Neil Craver
Don McCullin + Killing Joke
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